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Your Personal Environment

Your personal environment is a place where you spend most of your time. It is needed to be healthy! And you can do a lot to modify and clean the atmosphere around. If you are at work (I will not talk about a small, nice creative business ) at a corporation where all people are stuck together and management is not friendly – you need to protect your surroundings….
My personal experience is not smooth… I did try to make good friendships with all the people in my group… Didn’t work! There are no friends at work… NEUTRALITY – BEST you can do.
Create your small world, keep energy clean, neutral or positive. Do minimum interactions with your boss…. ( 80% of managers are not smart and not professional ) I realise it after many years of stress and suffering at work ( which I loved as a professional ). I learned that I can listen to my manager, pretend that I agreed with, smile and then do what I decided.
The worst you can do – it is to argue…. Waste of time and poison in your blood!

If you are not working, like me (I am early retired) there are millions of good healthy things you can bring to your life!!!
Again, everything that I do mention here is adapted to my personal life from many sources and “smart” books. I just share all my treasure experiences and research with you.

For me the most important thing is outside activity!
To be able to spend as much time as I can on the hiking trails, woods,rivers and mounts. Or drive though the old historical towns and architectural cities.
I realise that living in the US is limiting my interests. Weather is not good for me (humid and heat are not my favorites); insects in the parks and trails make my feelings are not enjoyable.
I decided to move to Portugal!!! And I realy realy love this country.
After the transition/adoption period I started to work on my LIFE STYLE.

Rule #1
Remove everything that “kills you”…. Food needs to be sample and organic. It was not easy to do in the US, but in Portugal food is mostly organic and very tasty.
If you choose products your grandmother was eating you will be 100% in good health.

Get rid of TV ! Yes! Completely!
All important news will come to you naturally. I have not had a TV for the last 15 years. I do have the internet. It means that I HAVE CHOICE.
Long time ago I realised that TV makes me ill. Physically. It makes me depressed… I can watch any movie or podcast or read any information on the computer.

Rule #2
Get rid of “toxic relationships”. Any people who make you unhappy, discomfort or depressed – all of them need to go… there is no room for unhealthy connections anymore!
You will have more time for discovery of pleasure and tons of interesting things.

Rule #3
Make a schedule for every day!
It is very important! You will feel more organised. If you will need to change something – no problem! It is your life, your plans..
Include traveling, exercises,outside activities.

Try it, let me know.

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