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Start From Where You Are Now

The time for any changes or transformations depends on our intuitive feelings and emotional condition.
Yes, calculation made by your head.
But you definitely feel and know that you need to change something in your life for better! Where to start?
There are three major parts in life generally:
HEALTH………MATERIAL ($)……. SOCIAL (family, friends)……

One step in one time:
Analise your health first. Find out what you need to fix. Concentrate on research about your problem or concern. Do everything that helps and discard all that “killing”you. Educate yourself.
For example: Dave Asprey was ill dramatically! He did amazing work to change his condition! And his help for us – several books and products!
Tones of instructions, diet variations, recipes, exercises – anything is available for you!
I will share my favorite resources and experience.
Second part is money…. Honestly, I am not a good example to follow. I will leave this part for your own research.
Very big and incredibly important is social life. Family, friends, your community, work environment – all your surroundings need maintenance! Yes, you need analise, organise and clean them.
Discard everything that is killing you.Welcome comfort and positivity as much as possible in all areas.
Do not be afraid of changes! They are all for good!

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

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