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Our story is a love story. East meets west. James met Masa. Clean beauty met performance.

James and Lynn have a passion for haircare that is unmatched — an unwavering commitment to formulate clean haircare products that hydrate like nothing else for the past decade (which is how long it took to create MASAMI’s clean formulation). We wanted people to feel great about their hair everyday — not just great because their hair looked amazing, but their hair was truly healthy, hydrated and manageable.  

Botanically hydrating Mekabu, beneath the Wakame leaf, is filled with ocean vitamins and minerals to leave your hair healthy, shiny and gorgeous. All of MASAMI’s products are infused with Mekabu powder, fresh from Japan where we source it from a family owned seaweed company.  

MASAMI Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes for the ultimate in botanically hydrated hair. MASAMI Conditioner leaves hair healthy, soft and silky. MASAMI Styling Cream provides a light hold but keeps hair flawlessly in place while adding botanical hydration, protection and shine. And MASAMI Shine Serum brings hair to life, providing weightless shine, reflection and Mekabu hydration.

Giving you the ultimate in hydrated hair, because Hydration Is Life.

MASAMI, or “truly beautiful” is a reflection of our commitment to bring you the best, most efficacious haircare products and dedication to protecting the natural habitats from which we harvest Mekabu. Our team at The MASAMI INSTITUTE in the Iwate Prefecture of Northeast Japan works with the local fisherman and coastline preservation groups to research, monitor, and document each season’s growth. Our goal is ultimately to preserve and restore the fragile ocean ecosystem, and to educate the world about the importance of maintaining balance in our world.

Masahiro Sasaki, Chairman of The MASAMI INSTITUTE, works closely with Mr. Kazuya Yoshino, Managing Director of The MASAMI INSTITUTE, who moved from Tokyo to Otsuchi in 2011 to help with earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts by starting The Otsuchi Recovery Sashiko Project to provide women who had lost their homes and workplaces in the disaster with work and a place to feel they belong. He has been championing the restoration of the ocean and botanicals through education and documentation.

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