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The Herbal Body Map

Herbal Body Map

Herbs are a natural wonder! They are some of the most important plants that exist on this planet. They offer a range of benefits that can be used to prevent, control, and cure illnesses. Some herbs are particularly important and…



Our story is a love story. East meets west. James met Masa. Clean beauty met performance. James and Lynn have a passion for haircare that is unmatched — an unwavering commitment to formulate clean haircare products that hydrate like nothing else for…

Herbal Remedies for Insomnia


My grandfather lived till 90 years old and his habits for food and teas was my first health education.The Tea before bed I loved most. It was easy to make. He told mystical stories about every herb he used… and…

Herbal Remedies for Joint Health

Tea for Arthritis Pain

In this recipe, we take advantage of the benefits of a root, a bark, and a berry. Each offers an array of health benefits, including ones that support joint health and relieve pain. Yucca Root Yucca root, also known as…

How to Make Rejuvelac

Make Rejuvelac

Types of Grains You Can Use to Make Rejuvelac Rejuvelac can be made with a variety of grains, as long as they are sprouted first. Sprouting grains “awakens” them, and breaks down the outer protective barrier, making it easier for…

Blood Sugar Control and Heart Health

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail Known to help lower glucose levels in the bloodstream, turkey tail is an outstanding medicinal herb for managing diabetes. The mushroom is also helpful for reducing LDL cholesterol and hypertension. Overall, it lowers the risk of heart disease,…